Develop SaaS website (4 pages to implement)


Job Description

I have a website under development. I'm looking for somebody who is able to write quality javascript and HTML code to fulfill the requirements from the specifications fully.

The website URL:
Login: development at
Password: 123456

The 2 of 4 pages are already implemented and can give you an approximate idea of how they should look and work. However, they are very buggy. The javascript code contains invalid and inconsistent logic and page does not looks good, especially on low-resolution screens. You are free to choose either to rewrite existing code to make it perfect or to write the code from scratch. As per my experience, it takes around 4 hours for experienced and motivated person to rewrite a single page to a perfect state.

Creating look-and-feel and design for website is not an aim of this project. However if you can do this item in high quality please let me know.

Acceptance criteria: 1) fully implemented requirements from specifications. The pages should be structured in accordance with mockups I'll provide to you. 2) no bugs or very low bug rate (1 bug per 1000 lines of code is allowed). 3) quality javascript and HTML code. You should follow the javascript code style along the sample I'll provide to you (vaiable method naming, request processing, code structuring). You should name HTML inputs and ids along the sample I'll provide to you. No dead code allowed, no duplicated code allowed.

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