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Job Description

An iphone app needs to be developed that will do the following functions:
1)When the app is opened it will look for available wifi networks with the following SSID names:
The xxxxxx will be a variable depending on the location of the WiFi network.
If one of the 5 network names are available (a match on the first 6 characters) then the device will connect to the wireless network.

2)Once the device has connected to the Wifi network. The device will access a mysql database over an SSL connection and ensure that the SSID name is located in a database table.
a.If the SSID is not in the authorized table then the wifi connection is disconnected and a message is presented to the user.
b.If the SSID is found in the table, then a message retrieved from the table is displayed on the users device.

This is the outcome we are looking for but if it cannot be done please provide a suggestion. Willing to answer questions about design concept.

Skills: systems-programming

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