Developer to migrate data between CRM systems

Developer to migrate data between CRM systems


Job Description

We need a competent developer to write and then run a tool to migrate data between two CRM systems.

You will be provided several CSV files from the output system ( which contains account information, contacts, notes, attachments and cases.

This data then needs to be imported to the input system ( via their API ( The API has libraries for PHP, Ruby and PlayFramework 2.1 (Java), however if you work out with these languages (in .NET for example) you will be required to write raw requests to the API.

Your tool should be written in such a way that if new data files are required to be migrated after the initial ones given to you, the new data can be added without an issue or any possibility of damaging the data already migrated.
As this data is for customer it is imperative that the migration is 100% accurate and none of the data is corrupted or missed in the migration. This requirement will be rigorously checked before the job finishes.