Job Description

This is a one time contract with the potential for additional work as an consultant/developer on an as needed basis.

We need assistance in configuring a local web development environments on Windows and Ubuntu machines. The development environments are for Ruby, Rails, PhP and Wordpress applications.

-Walk/Guide our eager yet new developer (in training) through the process step-by-step
*includes setting up git and svn local and on the remote server (and how to use them properly)
*configuring, debugging
-Assist with any issues or errors in configuring development environment
-Provide tips, suggestion and guidance where needed
The local development environment will need to be able to push updates and changes to a remote server and will need to be configured with version control using either git or svn (or both). The development environment will be built around Eclipse (preferably - but we are open to suggestions).

We expect this to take roughly 2-4 hours to complete, however we are willing to commit to 8hrs initially.

Skills: training, debugging