Document Digitization

Document Digitization


Job Description

Achieve a Paperless Work Environment
Whatever the size of your organization, the space required to store your paper documents can be a formidable challenge, in term of space, furniture, access, security and cost.

We can eliminate this challenge for your organization.

At MAJALCO, we provide digitized document solutions that represent a vast improvement over traditional paper-based document management systems. What this can mean for your organization:
Immediate easy, controlled and secured access to digitized
documents by your employees;
• Simultaneous online access to digitized and encrypted documents to selected users;
• Enhanced preservation of records by reducing the risk of wear and tear on the originals;
• Improved document security via full encryption and secured onsite and/or offsite
centralized backup of the whole gamut of documents: contracts, receipts, payroll,
checks, financial reports, human resources records, and technical documents;
• Considerable cut in costs;
• Customer support guaranteed.

We can be reach anytime at: 1-800-781-0670

Skills: management, contract-documentation