Drive Sales & Manage Bookings for Vacation Cottage Rental


Job Description

We’re looking for someone to become a member of our cottage rental business. A small group of us work together to rent out our beautiful cottage in Muskoka (Ontario, Canada) and we’re in need of someone to be the Rental Coordinator.

Simply put, that means we need someone to creatively advertise and successfully book our year-round cottage :) When done correctly, it’s not particularly difficult because the cottage is so attractive and in an excellent location with lovely features that it practically rents itself (

We’ve been doing this for years, so there’s lots of collateral to help with the advertising and we have over 1500 people on our mailing list. All it needs is your ingenuity to create influential advertisements and then your attentive, friendly, helpful and charming personality to return email and telephone enquiries to book the cottage and to keep our guests happy throughout the entire rental process.

Skills Required

* Excellent relaxed, easy-going communication skills - verbal and written English

* Independent, capable, results-oriented personality (versus task-oriented)

* Technically literate - comfortable using google docs, facebook, websites, etc

* Friendly, personable, respectful personality

Responsibilities & Objectives to Achieve

* Use business acumen to respond to cottage enquiries (received via email, telephone and our website)

* Use business acumen to negotiate rates with potential renters within Rate Guidelines

* Safeguard rental property through quality gating of interested renters

* Ensure payment of appropriate monies in a timely fashion

* Maintain rental documentation both internally and for renters

* Review and improve Rental Coordination instructions, procedures and policies

* Provide appropriate pre-, during, and post- rental communications

* Regularly update Advertising in order to meet rental targets

* Update cottage website to reflect advertising campaigns

* Forward all letters of feedback or complaint from renters or potential renters to the Business Manager

* Forward any unactionable emails to the Business Manager e.g. a business email that is incorrectly sent to the cottage rental email address

* Respond to all inquiries within 3 hours of receipt

* Perfect English and grammar skills required

* This is a long-term, part-time position with the possibility of performance based bonuses

- To be considered for this job, please begin your cover letter by completing the following phrase: "I'm a perfect fit for this job because..."
(Applications that do not address the above will not be considered).

Skills: english, facebook, grammar, communication-skills