Drupal Content Type for Custom Theme

Drupal Content Type for Custom Theme


Job Description

I am in need of someone with drupal expertise and preferably theming knowledge to make content types of the blocks currently present in the site

Part 1:

1) all the content present right now are in views and need them transformed to content types

2) there should be content types for different types of blocks present right now on site (please check - topholidayrecipes.com)

3) these content types should retain the exact themes and graphics present right now

4) the content types should have functions like the default drupal content types

5) fields settings and taxonomy terms must be editable in content types

6) ckk editor or wsywyg must be compatible with all content types

7) all pictures, videos, content added to content types should automatically auto configure itself into the present layouts of the blocks currently present on site

Second part:

1) Must organize each content type into taxonomies (as detailed in the attachments)

2) For example - when a certain content with a specific taxonomy term is uploaded, it should automatically be included in other content types in the same taxonomy

3) Each page should contain all content from different content types that belong to the same taxonomy (eg- fish recipe library should not be in rice recipe page)

4) We want the content in certain content types to rotate after a certain interval - (example - fish library displays 10 links at a time in its block, but has more than 400 links. We want these links to rotate after a certain time period)

Third part:

1) Need clean urls for the site

2) We need function to maximize only certain blocks in the page (example - maximize just the "recipe box" using shadowbox/colorbox ). This function should be available for all the blocks)

3) We need good configuration of all the present and future modules. This would be deleting un-necessary modules, updating current modules, or replacing present modules with better ones

4) There are some 404 errors in the theme of the site (when saving information in admin contact page - saves the information but goes to 404 error page)
--- fix those

All work will be done in testing site and must test all features fully there and report all problems before submission. After we test the same mysql database on live site and everything is fine we will compensate full payment for project. Would appreciate some help if there are glitches recently after project is complete.

Must submit project within/on due date or project will be cancelled. If you think you will need more time, then please let us know beforehand.

Skills: graphics, test