Drupal to Salesforce Integration

Drupal to Salesforce Integration


Job Description

aQuatell is an online retailer of water purification products in Canada and the U.S. Presently our website is run on the Drupal platform using Ubercart as the shopping cart module. We are looking for a Salesforce expert that can pull data from a feed being generated by our website, manipulate this data in Salesforce to automate several processes for our company.

**We are only interested in speaking with contractors who can provide references (that we can contact) for similar work they've successfully completed in the past**

Project Overview:

- Drupal to remain as product creation tool
- Drupal will create a data feed of all product data (aQuatell to do this)
- as new products are added in Drupal-based website the data feed will reflect these changes (aQuatell to do this)
- responsible for creating all appropriate fields within Salesforce to facilitate integration
- create an automated process that pulls product data from the data feed on a regular basis and adds/updates it in the Products object of Salesforce
- all Drupal product fields (including product attributes) must exist in Salesforce product object
- process must be capable of adding all new products and updating existing products at least once daily

- design and implement a process that allows a Salesforce user to create and send a PDF sales quote to a customer contact within an account
- a record of the sent quote and the details of the quote must appear under the Activity History of the account/contact and the PDF must appear under the Notes & Attachments
- the quoting tool must allow the user to find products using keywords and easily add these products to the quote
- the quoting tool must be capable of adding appropriate sales tax based on the ship-to address of the account
- must be able to manually override all fields on the quote
- product attributes must be selectable and appropriately priced in the quote
- the quote must pull product data from the products object (pricing, description, web links, attributes etc)
- the tool must create a PDF document that can be easily emailed to the customer from within Salesforce
- this PDF will include many fields such product descriptions, prices, sales tax (based on customer State/Province/country), phone number, addresses, etc.
- the quote must be able to be easily converted to an opportunity with a 'closed won' status
- when the opportunity is 'closed won' this tool must generate another PDF (or modify the 'quote') so that we can use the new document as the packing slip for the order

- all sales that are completed in Drupal must trigger the creation of an account in Salesforce (or update to an existing account) and a closed opportunity that shows all of the order details including a description of the product, quantities, taxes, etc.
- upon creation of the 'closed opportunity' this system must create a PDF document that can be attached to an email and will act as the packing slip for an order. As such, it must show the quantity of each item ordered, a description of each item, the customer name, address, phone number, and the aQuatell business address, phone number, etc.

- where data from a Drupal database is required, this will be made available as a data feed. Our Drupal developer will work with the successful candidate to customize the data feed as required
- we use the Enterprise edition of Salesforce
- using apps is OK
- we're looking for experts who can understand our end-goals and make suggestions that we may not have thought of

Skills: salesforce.com