E-Commerce website design and development

E-Commerce website design and development


Job Description

A traditional ecommerce website DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT.

Only accepting applications from website developers with ecommerce experience. Please submit your interest with your related experience and sample work/portfolio. Here is the description.

Project Description:

Design requirement
An eCommerce website which sells different types of products. Download is not required. The products are to be mailed to the purchaser once the sale is complete.

Web based complete online store with:
Shopping cart
Discount coupon codes (expiry dates, traceable codes)
Social Network marketing integration
Facebook integration
'Like us on Facebook' button
'Find us on Facebook' button
Tweet section
'Tweet to @support' button
'Follow @twitter' button
128 bit SSL security for administration and checkout
Multilevel password restricted admin dashboard

Email newsletter sign-up process

Product Categories
Tree structured limited category structure (approx 15) - must be editable by the content manager through content management system
Up to 5,000 products with upto 5 products/images to be added/administered through a CMS dashboard in .png format
Product ID, Product description, shipment methods
All products' prices are determined through CMS
Product order display is determined through CMS and/or randomly in each category
Sold-out notification on product page
Featured/New/Trending product section on Home Page (editable through CMS)
Enlarged product image display on click
Products per page display options (24/48/96)
A simple form to apply for selling products - potential sellers will contact site manager by uploading product description, price, shipment info, and upto 5 pic's. the info will be sent to content managers. Content manager will prepare and publish the product pages.
Leave feedback to product.

Home Page Navigation
Sell (product info submission form-similar to contact forms)
About Us
Browse Categories
Sub-categories product page
Sub-Sub-Category links
Contact Us

Product Page
Shopping Cart Page
Checkout Details Page
Checkout Add Email Page (button link back to Checkout Details Page)
Payment Details Page
Credit Card Details Page (for future use)
PayPal Details Page
Payment Success Page

Order Processing and Checkout
Checkout form fields
Agree to terms before allowing purchase option
Auto order confirmation emails
Prompt for new products maillist
SSL compliant
Multiple order search options in admin (by ID, product code, name, email, post code, date)
Decline payments by order ID retry email
Fraud Detection

Payment Options
Accept credit cards (IN THE FUTURE), PayPal real time payments
Integrate with major banks and payment gateways (international)

Skills: design