EASE - Engineered Labor StandardsWhite Paper

EASE - Engineered Labor StandardsWhite Paper


Job Description

Hello All,

EASE, Inc. a gloabal leader in Engineered Labor Standards would like to hire a techical writer with industrial engineering or manufacturing engineering experience. The white paper will be no longer than 3 pages and should consume no less than 8 hours of writing. Ease will also pay for 2 hours of time to interview an EASE project lead. The content of the white paper should not be over technical but should explain the relationship between EASE and an engineer's daily task of work measurement. The paper should speak to EASE's ability to save a company money on labor and 'ease' and engineers work load by lowering the time it takes to build labor standards.

We look forward to working with the right writer on this and are excited to see you aplication to this job.


Shawn Faircloth

Skills: engineering