Job Description

We are looking for someone with experience to oversee our Inbound Department. We are hiring immediately. Please send your Skype id together with your resume and be ready for an interview between October 23 and 26; from 7am – 4pm Pacific Time.

Specifically, you will oversee our Outbound Campaigns. These accounts already have their management team. You would be responsible for the following:

1. Reviewing and reporting on queues (calls received, handled, abandoned)
2. Quality Assurance review (make sure all agents have been monitored by QA Department and keep track of their scores and improvement)
3. Proper Staffing (make sure that all accounts have the necessary amount of agents and inform HR when needed)
4. Reports directly to the CEO


We are looking for a contractor who:

1. Has worked in Call Center environment before.
2. Has know ledge of QA, monitoring and a command of the excel program.
3. Has a solid command of the English language.
4. Internet connection of 1.5 Mb or more. Your internet connection cannot be wireless nor through a datacard. You should also test that you do not have a latency of over 100ms. You can test these requirements running a simple test at speedtest.net
5. Windows environment: We work with a windows based web program. We do require for you to have a computer that runs on windows or has a windows environment already installed.
6. Headset: This headset can be simple but it must connect to your computer via USB. This is to ensure proper phone behavior and call quality.
7. Good reporting skills
8. Accustomed to a high pace environment.


To apply, please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:
1. The language level that you have (should be 90% or above)
2. Your IB Experience
3. Your schedule availability

In addition, please send us the results of the personality test that you may take at the link below:


About the company

We are customer service call center with headquarters in California, US and San Jose, Costa Rica. We have been operating independently since 2007 and have successfully contracted remotely for the past 16 months.

Important Notice: All payments are done through oDesk, please make sure you have a open account with them to apply.

Skills: management, qa, english, test

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