EXCELLENT Dance Instructor/ Workout Expert Writers

EXCELLENT Dance Instructor/ Workout Expert Writers


Job Description

We are looking for a qualified personal trainer to create exercise/dance workout plans for my system that promotes weight loss.

You need to be a certified personal trainer and have experience in creating workout plans for individuals of all ages and levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced) and these workouts can be done in home or office.

We are a publishing company, and if you do an incredible job, I'd love to reward you with EXTRAORDINARY feedback.

I need this exercise/dance workout plan written in a conversational yet informative tone with someone who has an excellent grasp of the English language (native English writer preferred, unless you are PHENOMENAL at writing in English). We want someone who is grammatically sound, yet able to write with their own style and can create dance workouts instruction manuals and /or videos. You will also need to respond to messages regularly.

Please bid on how much you would ask for this project, mention "Happy New Year" at the beginning of your cover letter so I know you are willing to follow instructions, and tell me how long it would take you to write or the workout plans.

Ideally I would love this back in 1 week time. I can understand if this is not possible, though I will give a large priority to those who can do a quicker job.

You will also have an advantage if you have a strong grasp of health topics that promotes weight loss.

The budget here is a dummy budget, please include the rate that you will bid for this project.

Please also include sample exercise/dance workout plans in document, or a sample videos of you teaching an exercise or dance lessons or ANYTHING about weight loss workout. We will not be able to access your writing if you do not send samples.

Skills: english, teaching, coaching

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