Job Description


Job Description:

Seeking experienced personal assistants with successful proven track record on this field.

Preferably with a degree
Excellent, written, verbal, English
Great communicator,
Hard worker, efficient in a fast paced virtual environment.

Great analysis, organisational, management skills.
Exceptional Computer / internet abilities.

Honest - ethical - and with integrity.

Able to continuously over deliver with managers expectations.

More info revealed during the interview process.
Assist Management in organising, and building company.

You will assist myself and a team for an Australian / Global property firm to list, market and negotiate the sales of properties and Investments. You need to be passionate, enthusiastic and work fast paced in our high energy virtual environment.
We are looking for individuals capable of making telephone calls daily to the Sydney Australia and other area.
The telephone number will be provided via Skype, but you will need to have your own computer, broadband and microphone.

The individual will need to work within the Sydney time zone hours of 8am-7pm.
You are required to provide regular updates to the director.
You are required to meet deadlines and assist others to meet their deadlines.
Expected to perform beyond Directors expectations.

This position is for someone who can:

1. Conduct all the activities from A-Z in listing, marketing, negotiating the sales of properties for a real estate firm virtually.

2. Generate leads for people who are also interested in buying listing, marketing, negotiating the sales of properties.
3. New Instructions and exciting challenges will be given from time to time.
4. Intuitive, Intelligent and that is able to come up with better ideas and systems, Always improving our organisations systems.

Hourly Base rate:
To be negotiated
We normally pay $1 - $1.50p/h (Inclusive of Odesk Fees)
Full time
Part time

The payout for Sales will be as follows:

2. Bonuses Given to high Performers upon creating success and increasing good reputation of our firm.

Contractor requirements:

The contractor will need to meet the following requirements:

1. Has strong English and communication skills.
2. Can maintain confidentiality of our companies internal activities.
3. Understands phone etiquette and is courteous and respectful to customers
4. Is available to work during business hours (days are flexible)
5. With Proven Track Record Of Successful PA activities
6. Work will be making calls through online phone accounts such as skype, voip etc.
7. Work will be Emailing, using chats and other social medias when needed.
8. Good computer /Internet research Skills.
9. Good at using databases , Managing clients, follow up.
10. Uploading, properties on our websites and advertised property sites.
11. Working with our existing leads and clients.
12. Negotiating and closing deals.
13. Provide Administrative Assistance to help me manage my daily schedule, including: client meetings, managing direct reports, and business travel so on.
Other tasks include project management, invoicing, web research, data entry, proofreading, managing CRM system, managing sales pipeline, and drafting content and blog posts.
14. You need to be able to speak, read, and write perfect English (native speaker preferred, but not required). You must also be familiar with the following software: Microsoft Office, Google and Skype.


How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your previous Proven Track Record Of Success In PA work.

2. How you will go about being successful in this role.
3. CV with references
4.All your contact details (including Phone number with international codes, Emails, Chat Ids)

About the company

We are a Property, Trade, Investment firm that is looking for key people to move the company forward. I am a busy entrepreneur who starts up new projects and makes them successful is short spaces of time.

Skills: english, analysis, management, marketing, voip, research, online-assistant, virtual-assistant-skills

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