EZ-Speak Software QA Opportunity

EZ-Speak Software QA Opportunity


Job Description

LNTS is looking for qualified QA applicants to test a native American English learning speech-recognition PC software.

In order to qualify for our QA team, you must complete a short screening task on one lesson of EZ-Speak, without charge.

QA will include testing of the following software components:
For example:
1. Media playback and recording features (play, etc.)
2. Spoken dialogue
3. Lesson progression

Please proceed only upon agreeing to our screening task prequisite for the QA position. Upon completion of this task, we will be in touch if the quality meets our standards for the full task.


Screening Task Guidelines:

1. Report:

See attached MS Excel issue report format.
Use this spreadsheet to report your screening task results to us.

2. Software Download:

Be advised, EZ-Speak download is 451 MB.

EZ-Speak version download links:


After the download is over, install EZ-Speak on your PC.

3. Installation:

a) Run the downloaded file named

b) Click 'Next' on the Welcome screen.

c) Accept the License Agreement terms and click 'Next'.

d) At the 'Customer Registration' screen, use the following e-mail address format:

yourname@oDesk.com ('yourname' = your oDesk name)

e) Click 'Next' until 'Installing EZ-Speak' screen is displayed with the progress bar.

f) At the last installation wizaard screen, click 'Finish' to start using EZ-Speak.

4. Post-Installation Instructions:

From this stage, click on 'Free Trial Start Now'.

Choose 'New Student' and fill in only the following:

'Email', 'Password', 'Confirm password'.

Use the same oDesk e-mail address you used during installation.
Choose your password and confirm it, then Click 'Save'.

At the 'Login' window, enter your password and click 'Login' to log onto the main program window.

You should see the list of lessons to the bottom of the main window.
These lessons should be available for you to choose from:

'The Letters TH'
'SH and CH'
'Short A'

5. Lesson Testing:

Choose any one of the three lessons, 'The Letters TH', 'SH and CH' or 'Short A'.
Do not test the Assessment lesson for this screening task.

a) Test a sample of your own choice from every learning category:

'Exceptions' (when available)
'Special Words' (when available)

The 'Dialogue' sections are designed like a tree, you have two choices of sentences to choose from. Sometimes choosing sentence number 1, will result in a different answer from the computer, than if you chose sentence number 2.

b) For each category, test the usability of the buttons available on the left side:

'Please Explain'
'Play Slow' (when available)
'Hear Yourself' (when available)
'Play Again'

c) Test the video playback buttons usability at the bottom of the video playback screen:


d) Test the track buttons usability at the bottom left corner of the screen:

'Next' black arrow
'Previous' black arrow

e) Test the 'Record'/'Speak' button usability, to the left of the track buttons.

f) Test the usability of the main program window's menu items:


6. E-mail us an oDesk message, with the attached mentioned MS ExceliIssue list of the issues you found during this screening task.

Good luck!

The EZ-Speak Team
LNTS LinguisTech Solutions Ltd.

Skills: qa, test, english, video

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