Earn $200 Fast by Creating CSS/HTML5 responsive advertising footer bars for our websites!


Job Description

We are creating a series of CSS/HTML5 footer bars for our website and we are looking for someone who is GREAT with colors and with designs.

Here is an example of a footer image that we want to model after, except we would require that it was sliced into css/html and not just an image...


And here are some examples of come color patterns that we like:







Okay, so here is specifically what we require for this project.

50 footer bars like this designed.

Each one will be slightly unique, but still similar.

We will pay $4 for each footer bar, for a total of $200 on this project.

There are examples above and we might need a couple of revisions for each footer bar to get them just right.

We will provide text for each bar. You can start with Lorem Ipsum text to make sure you get the design and colors right.

And long as our programmer says the css/html is good then we are fine.

If you prove yourself on this project, then we will hire you for MUCH MORE WORK!


If you apply for this job, please show us design work that you have done so that we can see if you are the style that we are looking for.

If you don't have examples we can see, then will NOT get hired.

If we are considering you, we can quickly jump on skype and discuss final details before officially hiring you.

We look forward to your responses!

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