Easy job - ONLY if you have a Data.com Unlimited subscription


Job Description

We would like to make our purchasing decision as soon as possible, so we if you qualify for this project, please bid asap.

I was interested in purchasing a Data.com (similar to Jigsaw) subscription, but before I made a purchase I wanted to make sure that the data they provide is accurate. Data.com lists several numbers as direct dial numbers. What I would like to do is give you a company name (e.g.: Google, Intel, etc.) and have you call a handful (~50 names) of them to let me know what % of these "direct dial numbers" are actually direct dial numbers. This way, I can make an educated decision on whether to purchase.

If you are interested please place a placeholder bid of $50. Also, be sure to place in your bid "I have access to an unlimited view Data.com account and am interested in helping you make your purchasing decision".

Keywords: jigsaw, data.com, salesforce

Skills: salesforce.com

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