Ebook Content for Survival Niche

Ebook Content for Survival Niche


Job Description

Think you have what it takes to survive when America finally crumbles?

Would you like to tell thousands of others how to do it?


Because we're seeking a SHTF survivalist and prepper (who’s also a writer) to put together a 13,000 - 16,000 (or around 45-55 pages) word report on "how to survive any crisis or SHTF scenario targeted to like minded survivalists and preppers – that’s a gimme.

But you’ll also be writing for novices looking to get past any and all foreseeable emergency scenarios. End of the modern world type stuff here folks.

Your work will need to contain the following necessities:

1. Preparing food

2. Long term water storage and alternate solutions
3. Hunting and gardening
3. Shelter at home as well as on the move
4. Heat (fuels, wood, solar, wind etc) 

A more detailed outline for the report will be provided when you are selected for the job. 

What we are looking for in this report from you:

We ARE looking for a high quality, well researched and thought out e-book.
Correct GRAMMAR and SPELLING is a must and it must be presented in an authoritative, conversational tone. Samples are required prior to hiring. If we feel you’re a good match – you got it. It’s that simple.

**We are NOT looking for thrown together common knowledge here nor do we want keyword stuffed or fluff content. Just real, actionable information presented with style and flair.

The time frame is strict with only 4 weeks to complete (we want to launch sooner – not because we think the world is going to end or anything). So we may award a bonus for excellent work in the shortest possible time frame.

If you believe you're the perfect writer for this opportunity, please place your best bid along with: 

1. Most relevant work portfolio related to what we're doing – remember: authoritative conversational tone with spark and flair to keep the reader engaged.
If you’re boring, your reader won’t stick around long enough to learn anything from you.
2. Estimated turnaround time for this work (remember no more than a month, but we may accommodate applicants who we feel are worth it).

3. Answer this in your bid: What do you feel makes you so unique that we should pick you out of all other candidates?

Good luck – this is a great opportunity for you to make a real difference in our great country!

Skills: english, grammar

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