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Job Description

Native English Speakers Only: PLEASE READ ALL-

I am looking for someone with a unique set of skills.

I’m a publisher of short stories. What I need, is someone to read a story (10k – 18k words) and then complete a number of tasks.

1) Critique the story. Sent me a message telling me whether you felt like it was a quality plotline that would engage readers. Also tell me what your opinion is of the writer’s skills. I will rely heavily on this when I hire new writers. If they are sub-par, I need to know so that I can close their contract and seek out better writers. I need feedback that I can send directly to the writer.

2) Edit AND polish up the story. The stories must be grammatically correct but I also expect my contractor to re-word sentences when necessary and make sure it sounds great.

3) Write an engaging and creative description of the book. This is critical and whomever I hire must be good at this. It should be at least 2 paragraphs long and really draw the reader in so that they will want to read the book. A good writer can make even a sub-par story sound fantastic if their description is good.

Obviously I’m placing a lot of trust in whoever I hire. In order to make sure that things are not slipping, I will regularly and randomly read the stories and make sure everything is correct.

TO APPLY: Send me your resume and a sample of your creative writing. I am looking for the best of the best so do not apply unless you are willing to apply yourself. If a good working relationship and trust in your skills is established, I give periodic raises.

**This is an ongoing position