Educational book for children with images/cartoon and illustrations 3-7


Job Description


We are looking for short (4000+ word) science/informative books written for children ages 3-7 in mind. These are the type of books that parents can read to their child. You have to use an exciting and educational tone.

Must have proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. We need the books to have a conversational, playful tone. The book will also need to have some children's illustrations on about half the pages. All works will be checked against Copyscape.

For each story we will pay a fixed rate of $40 net to the writer.

The specific subject of each book are animals – we can give you a list of animals that you can write about. We are open to working with one writer on all of them, or several.

For each animal, we are interested in information about:

Any unique or interesting characteristics they posses
Do they have weird sleeping patters?
What do they eat and what is their habitat like?
When do they usually reproduce and how many at a time?
What are the other types of the same species. Are any endangered?
What do people think of when they first hear about this creature?
When and how do they migrate?
What's their anatomy like?
How do they communicate?

You can include anything you find interesting. The order above is obviously not fixed - whatever order makes sense to the writer.

When applying, mention why we should hire you and how long you will take to write each story.

This is a ghostwriting assignment – we will own all rights to the work after delivery and payment.

Attach your portfolio if you have one for us to evaluate your expertise.