Email Delivery Expert

Email Delivery Expert


Job Description

We are looking for an email delivery expert to help with our ongoing email marketing efforts. Experience with successful in-boxing and reputation strategies is required. The job will entail maintaining and improving delivery through best practices, white listing etc. You will propose the software and development plan to improve delivery of emails campaign.

Main goal: Increase delivery rate of mass promo emails.

Please apply ONLY if you understand the following or the major of them: ISP, Inbox penetration, ESP, bounce/deferred statistic, SMTP response codes, mail log use, postfix, MTA, DKIM signature. Experience in mail delivery is a plus.

The Email Delivery Expert will be asked to manage projects tied to the overall Deliver ability function, in details:
- Understand the role of HTML and images within content as relates to filters
- Real-time mail queue monitoring
- Per ISP tracking of delivery rates (via logs)
- Domain/client issue identification, investigation, and resolution
- Block notification to internal teams
- Advise internal teams on best mail sending strategies
- IP audits/updates
- Maintain dead, bad, blocked domains list
- Domain IP audit (i.e. AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail)
- Suspect email investigation/escalation
- Contribute recommendations for projects/tools which will assist us in the arena of Deliver ability
- Streamline current Deliver ability practices
- Server administration

The candidate should be strongly motivated. Proficiency in English is required.

Please only apply if you meet all the requirements.
Thank you.

Skills: marketing, yahoo, administration, english