Email Inbox Bot-Spider for Tracking Incoming Messages

Email Inbox Bot-Spider for Tracking Incoming Messages


Job Description

We'd like to create a system that checks a list of email accounts at a set interval (1 min, 5 min, 1hr, etc.) and spiders all of the incoming mail for useful information such as the follows:

- Who sent the email and all relevant information for sender
- The originating network of the email with IP information, ISP lookup info, etc.
- Links contained in email, and all the redirects/hops to the final destination url
- If it's an affiliate link, detect which Affiliate Network it is being redirected through based on an internal database of affiliate network tracking redirect domains
- Create a database entry of the profile of the email, if there are duplicates of the same email/profile it should count how many times it has encountered this similar message
- Useful reports and statistics interface for browsing results and data

Please code it in Python, PHP,, or C# and make sure it is well-documented as we will probably need to modify it and update it with new features as we go. This could turn into a longterm job for the right individual.

Skills: systems-programming