Embroidery Design Program App


Job Description

Embroidery Design App

-View and organize all of your embroidery designs and graphics in one place, even in Zip archive files.
-View thumbnails and preview multiple designs with instant realistic 3-D threads
-Move or copy files between folders with a simple drag and drop.
-Search for files, folder or specific text in designs or notes. Results of your query may be displayed in a new catalog
-Convert Embroidery Formats
-Create graphic "snap shots" of your embroidery designs in beautiful, realistic 3-D.
-# Create embroidery designs automatically from vector or bitmap images.
# Add text using TrueType® fonts on your computer. Adjust each letter or word with path placement
# Create an "echo quilting" effect around your embroidery design with Auto-Border.
# Change from satin to fill or fill to satin plus object and node editing with Bezier curves.

Skills: design, graphics