Emulate Game Server

Emulate Game Server


Job Description

Hello freelancers,

I'm looking for someone who has skills in C, C# or C++ and is good at debugging/reverse engineering to see how an application works and code a similar app. Well versed in assembly and someone who can also decode encryption of packet data between client and server.

I have one server that has already been emulated, the Load Balance server.
But my current developer is kinda busy and seems like he can't continue.
I can provide the original load balance server and the source code of the new emulated load balance server for reference. I will only give all the original files once you have proved that you know how to emulate game servers.


I host a game called Khan w/c was developed in the early 2000. I have been struggling with how it was coded and how resource intensive the server is.
So I am looking for a way to minimize server cost and give me more control over the servers.

1. I have all the server files to be emulated without any source code.
2. This files are in .exe and connects to MSSQL as a database.
3. I know all about the files and how it works.

Current server structure:

~Windows Machine
~~+Load Balance Server
~~+LoginDB Server
~~+GameDB Server
~~+GameLogDB Server
~~+CouponDB Server
~~+Billing Server
~~+Gate Server
~~+Game Server
~~+Guild Server
~~+Premium Server

What I want: (changed)
1. Emulated server can be in Linux/Windows
2. Server must NOT be resource consuming (CPU, RAM)
3. I want some servers to me merged so there will be less running servers.
4. I want the database to be changed into MySQL. (we now also accept MSSQL usage)
5. I want the database to be restructured (because the current structure is almost impossible to create functions for a website with).

More info will be given once I have chosen a coder.
Server files are to be considered confidential.

Skills: linux, engineering, debugging

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