Energy Efficiency App ( native iOS and Android)

Energy Efficiency App ( native iOS and Android)


Job Description

We need and application for an energy meter for buildings.
The system measures energy, temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and luminosity.
It consists of 1 electricity meter per floor and 1 temperature/humidity/CO2/luminosity meter per every 600 sq feet more or less.
With this information, the system will give solutions specifically for every building in order to be efficient.

We need in the app 5 basic screens:
Home. Average measurements from the building and amount of money being spent. Also, shows the consumption goal of this month and the consumption goal of an efficient building.
Real time. All variables measurement per floor. With interactive graphs and images. It can show the measurements per meter or per type of consumption (ie. lighting, air conditioning, computers, etc)
History. Selecting a range of dates, the user can see the consumption of every variable in an interactive graph and select every measurement for details.
Solutions. This will show the different solutions available for the building. It will show the average savings it can reach and the time it will return the investment, if any.
Configurations. Here the user can give different names to every meter or every floor and also set alarms and notifications for consumption in this month or goals.

We need this to be a native app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and also native for Android (Phone and tablet)
We also need a solution with push notifications for both.

The solutions, data collected and every information should be picked up from a MySQL database. The service of acquisition from the database should also be developed.

Every user profile must be different from each other and every user profile should have its own configurations for every building.

This has to be matched with a Web App.

Skills: ipad, json