Engineering design of consumer hobbyist products

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


We have a position open for an independent technical/engineering designer to work remotely with us. You will design the overall bill of materials, cad structure, manufacturing, and assembly plan for several hobbyist consumer product based on our functionality specifications. You will have some creative freedom and can use our network of manufacturers and 3D design engineers to perform these tasks. To communicate your ideas effectively, you should be able to draft in 3D and/or draw well yourself.

***For this position you MUST be able to think freely to design products, components of products, understand how parts fit together, and put together an assembly*** This is not a cad drawing position. You must be able to demonstrate this capability with your portfolio or at least in your own projects.

Skills that qualify you for this position include:
-Experience in product development and design for a company
-Development of full Bill of Materials for a product
-Basic understand of material manufacturing processes, costs, weaknesses, and strengths
-Be able to make assembly or manufacturing instructions
-An appreciation for the artistic factor in a design, i.e. what separates Apple products from Microsoft
-Ability to listen well, organize, but also to work independently when needed
-Ability to work on projects off and on (you must be a full time freelancer, but work part time for us)
-Basic cad design, such as autocad, solidworks, export in 2D PDF, IGS, STP, STL, DXF, DWG, and/or Sketchup formats.

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