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Job Description

We are looking for translators for regular help and would like to invite you to complete our test translation. It has two parts: a small technical text and a small marketing text. The total word count of both pieces together is under 600 words. You may decide if you would like to test in both areas or only one, if you feel more comfortable in a specific area.

I’m attaching a zip file to this e-mail which contains:

1) Technical test

2) Marketing test (includes special instructions regarding register)

3) Small document with general guidelines

4) Small questionnaire

You may use Trados and send the translations in bilingual format or as a clean file. Either way is fine for us.


1) Please return the completed translation/s to me together with the filled out questionnaire at your earliest convenience.

2) Please substitute EN by your language code and add your initials at the end of the file name, i.e. for someone called John Doe whose language pair is English to French, the name of the file would be Technical_FR_JD.doc.

If you do not normally use Trados, please let me know as we are currently only looking for additional resources that work in Trados.

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,

Skills: english, test, marketing, trados

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