Enter 800 data points into an excel file

Enter 800 data points into an excel file


Job Description

I need someone who can work FAST and be ACCURATE

I'll provide you with the spreadsheet you'll be using. This is your job


1. There are 2 columns you'll be working in: "Category" and "Facebook description"

2. Your job is to use the data from Facebook description to input something into "Category".

Here are example categories you can list

fashion apparel
fashion accessories
ceramic products
printed product
porcelin product
home décor
home accessories
kids toy
kids apparel
unique gift (if you don't know the category then put this - DO NOT leave it blank)

You'll do this for about 700 entries.


1. You'll be working in two columns: "First Name" and "Email Address"

2. Your job is to find the first name of the person based off their email address (if applicable). For example, if someone's email address is sara@somecompany.com then the first name would be Sara.

This requires being familiar with American first names and being able to recognize them.

5. Deliverable: 1 day, 8 AM PST, Wednesday November 7, 2012

For Part 1 I'd like the first 250 done in 1.5 hours, by 4:30 PM PST, November 6, 2012. The rest can be submitted the following day.

This is a simple data entry job but requires absolute accuracy.

I'm looking for someone who can do the following:
1) Work with ZERO errors
2) Work fast. My deliverable for this job is 2 hours (first part) & 1 day.

Please begin work immediately, the first 250 are due by 4:30 PM PST.

Skills: facebook