Entertaining Job Finding Viral Videos From Around The Web ( Data Entry / Research )

Entertaining Job Finding Viral Videos From Around The Web ( Data Entry / Research )


Job Description

Hello Video Enthusiast!

Do you find yourself watching hours of videos on the web?

Do you happen to always find videos before they even become viral?

Are you good at writing catchy video titles and descriptions?

Do you happen to have a little background in SEO and marketing?

If you happen to answer yes to the majority of the above questions we have a fulltime position of you.

Duties will be:

- Researching videos with viral potential (in a specific niche)
- Downloading videos
- Uploading videos with a watermark.
- Writing unique catchy titles and video descriptions (that people just can't resist clicking on because of it)
- Write titles, descriptions and keyword/tags with SEO in mind.

Thats it! Thats write all you will be doing all day is watching and finding entertaining viral videos and reuploading them. Therefore you should have a stable and good internet connection and a healthy curiosity for viral videos!

1. In your cover letter tell us why you are the best candidate for this position?

2. Tell us if you happen to have ever run a video website or upload videos just for fun. (imagine you can get paid for it now)

3. Tell us about your marketing background or past experience.

We are looking for people who can follow instructions, and can work consistently week after week. This will be a stable long term position for the right candidates.

We need someone who can work 30+ hours a week efficiently at the rate of $1.67 an hour. (Rate might be negotiable with especially qualified candidates)

Good luck and looking forward to seeing the talent out here!

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