Event management - League Sports Management

Event management - League Sports Management


Job Description

- individual contractors need not apply unless you are part of a teaM OR CAN PUT ONE TOGETHER. THIS IS CRITICAL, THIS IS NOT FOR THE AMATEUR OR SOMEONE WANTING TO LEARN,

this project will require, a business analyst, a writer, a ux designer, UI designer, a database back-end developer, a middleware person to manage APIs and other connections to the DB from the front end, a front end developer, and based on the requirements this could turn out to be a drupal site or custom code, it does not matter, user needs will drive the tech.

Design and Develop a Fully functional Corporate Event Management and Sports League Management System.

The system feature addresses many industry needs and should NOT be designed for a specific type of industry.

Multi Tenant and intuitive Web Content Management System to support a global audience. and future global affiliate programs to have a local marketing group in the individual countries to manage their own customers.

- User needs will drive the technology requirements, not the other way around, even when the solution is obvious .

- If you are a supplier of web services with a fully functioning web team please apply.

- individual contractors need not apply. Unless you can put together your own team for this project with a Project Manager, UI designer, graphics designer, Front End Developer, DB back end developer and QA.

- Project deliverable we will require the following artifacts;
Phase 1 - Research Competitive landscape / Report
Phase 2 - Detailed Business Requirements
Phase 3 - Detailed User Stories for each scenario broken down module
Phase 4 - Detailed Annotated user flows, journeys, boxes and arrows
Phase 5 - Details Wireframes for all page template types / Static Prototypes
Phase 6 - Graphic Design UI specification document
Phase 7 - Development and construction
Phase 8 - QA

Up to phase 6 must be completed before a line of code is written.

Phase 7-8 - Development and Testing

- System should accommodate white label model, where corporate or a Spots League could skin the application to look like their brand. (custom URL)

- Single environment supporting many different companies, where system feature and updates effect all! (single architecture supporting multiple sites)

Some features include;

- Manage game and/or event schedules
- See who can attend which games (and who can't!) - event participants
- Track team fees and payments - registration and crowd control and accounting
- Post messages for your teammates - update schedules, and events
- Email the entire team with a single click - alerts and updates
- Track individual and team statistics - Reporting and tracking
- View and post photos for the team - corporate events could also upload event photos
- Coordinate bringing drinks and refreshments - event vendors and suppliers

Key Features:

- Schedule
- Messages
- Privacy & Security
- Team Home Page
- Facebook Integration
- Player Availability
- Email Reminders
- Text Messaging
- Photos & Files
- Payment Tracking
- Online Collections
- Refreshments
- Priority Email Support
- Banner Advertising (conditional)
- Season Archiving
- Store Customization
- Weather Forecasts
- Statistics
- Custom Domain Name
- Customized Team Logo
- Customized Team Colors
- Customized Player Fields

Looking forward to hearing from experienced professionals.


Event Management / League Sports Project

Application, Requirements, Design, UI, UX, Wireframing, prototyping, maintenance.

Please fill out the proposal with estimated hours, estimated flat rate option, and flat hourly rate for each hour worked. AND EMAIL IT BACK TO US FOR REVIEW.

Partnership opportunity.
10% of revenue for ongoing management and commitment and loyalty.

It's hard to trust the right team, so why not take your own risk.
Join us to deliver smart, clean, purposeful online and mobile solutions and communities.

I need a team who is committed, capable, and professional.

Only pros with a willingness for long term commitment who will not nickel and dime anyone.

I am fair, and have great plans.


Skills: design, management, sports, graphics, research, games, facebook, banner, prototyping, marketing, qa