Excel C# COM object expert.

Excel C# COM object expert.


Job Description

So I wrote half of an Excel C# COM object which performs structural analysis.

I don't have any problems doing the back end parts, the structural analysis, of it myself. However, I am having trouble with some of the computer science aspects of the software and I don't have any interest in dealing with the COM objects.

This is my first venture into hiring somebody here, so I'm not sure what to expect.

Here are the things you should be able to do
• Speak with me on the phone/skype in English.
• Be quite good at C#.
• Experience in developing C# excel macros is a huge plus.

You don't need to know anything about structural analysis, and I won't need very fast turn around times.

I will test you with a first task which is quite straight forward and depending on your performance and cost, I may send more work your way.

The first task is this:
I have instances of objects in C# which need to be copied by value. However, when I implemented these objects I didn't spend any time worrying about how to serialize them. These objects are quite complex with many instances of other types held in lists in the objects.

The task is to make my object serializeable so that it can easily be copied by value.