Excel Plugin w/ Web call


Job Description

I need an Excel plugin developed that will do the following:
1) Allow the user to input into the spreadsheet the:
- First name
- Middle name
- Last name
- Domain name
2) Press a "check" button
3) Make a web call for all rows, sending the 4 variables via POST to a url
4) Interpreting the CSV string returned
5) Entering the CSV string into multiple cells on the variable input row (so if 3 values are returned, write each value to one cell, starting in column 5)
6) Do the above sequence of steps for each row with at least one of the 3 name variables and a domain name

I have the web page already set up and expecting these POST variables and configured to return a CSV string via echo. I can also modify the script.

I can produce screenshots showing what needs to be made if necessary.

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