Exceptional Industrial Product Designer for a Children’s Wrist-Watch Sensor

Exceptional Industrial Product Designer for a Children’s Wrist-Watch Sensor


Job Description

Are you an exceptional consumer product/industrial designer who is creative and takes pride in your work?

We are looking to design an enclosure for a children’s wrist-watch sensor (ages 5-11). The device is designed to wirelessly transmit skin-conductance readings from the child to a USB dongle on the computer. We have a circuit and a rough enclosure design for this product, and are looking for an industrial designer with experience in taking products from design to manufacturing to overhaul the existing enclosure design for production.

The first version would likely be 3D printed or CNC machined to make the first 10 parts (to test with children). Upon completion of the project, we would like to make the moulds to take it to production. Please only apply if you have prior experience in taking a product from design to production (not only cool/creative designs). Pictures of the existing PCB and enclosure are attached.

Some important design requirements are:
- Fits snugly on a child’s wrist
- The two metal sensor plates make contact with the child’s skin
- Waterproof (at least most of it) and lightweight
- Durable (children like to break things)
- Modern look and feel
- Design appeals to children (something they would WANT to wear – a cool design)
- Has one push-button on the front
- Keep the overall cost of manufacturing the enclosure low

We are looking for the following skills/attributes:
- Extensive experience in designing consumer products
- Creativity and familiarity with modern designs
- Familiarity with prototyping practices (CNC machining, 3D printing,
- Experience working with manufacturers
- Experience with best practices for manufacturing (tolerances, minimum thicknesses, etc.)
- Expertise in material selection
- Detail-oriented
- Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English
- Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment

We would be relying on your expertise and knowledge of manufacturing requirements (such as tolerances, minimum thicknesses, and safety requirements) and your experience with prototyping products. Any contacts you have within the manufacturing space would also be of value.

If you're successful in this project, it may lead to a longer-term working relationship with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

A little bit about us:
Originally founded by two Mechatronics Engineering grads from the University of Waterloo, SMARTeacher has been featured on The Discovery Channel’s The Daily Planet, BNN’s The Pitch, and has even pitched to the Dragons on Dragon’s Den!

At SMARTeacher, we’re creating the next generation of education games: a game that adapts to a child’s emotions. Built from the ground up to be the most fun, engaging, and adaptive game on the market, SMARTeacher’s first product was launched in June, 2012. Using a sensor that incorporates lie-detector technology, the game monitors a child’s emotional state and automatically tailors the level of difficulty and amount of help offered to each student in order to increase engagement and reduce frustration. The ultimate goal is to provide a self-paced practice tool that is significantly more fun and effective than traditional pencil-and-paper homework. For more information please visit www.smarteacher.ca.

Skills: design, prototyping, english, engineering

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