Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Executive Assistant and Office Manager


Job Description

Administrative Assistant and Office Manager Duties

We are a small business who provides computer forensic training, services and software world-wide. We are looking for someone to work as an Administrative Assistant and also an Office Manager.

Please do not apply for this position if you are not willing or capable or performing these tasks below.

We a looking for someone with at least two years experience in a simliar position.

Must be capable of making decisions and working without supervision.

All applicants will be expected to provide samples of their work.

This is a full-time long term contract. We are looking for someone who is willing to grow with our company. We are looking for someone who is dedicated and will commit long term.

We are a minority owned company and we treat our dedicated employees like family.

This job will requires good English speaking and writing skills.

Employee must have a reliable high-speed Internet connection with the ability to place and take calls on a US number.

Scheduled Work Hours (Monday - Friday from 0900-1700 EST)
Maximum Hours per week - 40
Must sign NDA


Task Management

* Provide daily task list to complete for Managing Director
* Send task reminders out to trainers and developers as necessary.
* Keep tasks list organized and updated.
* Provide a End of Day status summary to Managing Director of important events or upcoming tasks.

Phone Support

* Monday - Friday (0900-1700 EST) - Answer phone calls.

Email Management

* Check sales email account and respond as necessary.
* Screen Managing Director’s emails when he is unavailable.

Scheduling Management

* Manage and keep Managing Director and company calendars up-to-date (Google Calalendar).
* Customer and Lead Management
* Develop and maintain leads and follow ups for training requests and or services.

Training Registrations and Event Management

* Assist in organizing new training and keeping training calendar full.
* Add and delete training events as necessary.
* Manage registrants.
* Keep track of invoicing and receivables.
* Send out email reminders to registrants two weeks, one week, and one day before start of class.
* Sending out thank you email and reminder to fill out online evaluation at end of class.

Training Logistics

* Organize instructors lodging and travel.
* Prepare checklists for upcoming training.
* Organize shipment of training materials to training location.
* Stay in touch with and provide updates to training host and lead instructor.
* Keep track and manage subcontractor expenses (expense sheets and receipts).

Training Materials

* Keep training material organized.
* Proof training material for grammatical errors.


* Generate and send out email campaigns bi-monthly (MailChimp).
* Add new contacts to mailing list.
* Send out Twitter postings.
* Add our training and company info to third-party websites.
* Research upcoming conferences and organize our attendance at same.
* Develop basic marketing material.
* Find and work with marketing managers for developing and updating advanced marketing materials.
* Develop new ideas for marketing.

Website Management

* Make sure website content is up-to-date (joomla).
* Keep News section up-to-date.

LinkedIn Management

* Provide LinkedIn daily posts/updates.
* Add training and events to Event App.
* Post training or articles to appropriate LinkedIn groups
* Keep Managing Director’s Profile current and work on expanding same.
* Manage contact requests.

Project Management

* Assist in keeping projects organized.
* Keep in touch with our development teams and liaisons.
* Assist in making sure current projects meet deadlines and stay under budget.


* Maintain a receivables and expenses spreadsheet.

CV Management

* Update and maintain Managing Director’s CV.

Partner Management

* Keep in touch with our business partners on a regular basis to make sure we are meeting their needs and continue to develop a good relationship.
* Maintain partnership agreements.

Personnel Management

* Keep track of subcontractor contact info, CVs, schedule availability.
* Maintain NDA’s.

Tax Preparation

* Organize expense receipts into tax categories (we would digitize the receipts, you would categorize) using NeatReceipts.

Skills: management, training, marketing, twitter, english, research, linkedin