Experienced Android Graphics & UI/UX Designer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Are you an awesome and experienced designer who understands design principles of Android devices and tablets? We would like to add you to our team immediately.

We need a designer who understands the balance of usability with design and can modernize our app's design and improve its compatibility with small, medium, large and xlarge screens.

The designer must be able to leverage native Android design elements such as the action bar icon packs; principles of Android design such as depth, touch feedback, color, illumination and Android building blocks to create stunning UI's that are simple, beautiful and functional.

The designer will be responsible for modernizing the UI of our app. We don't expect a complete overhaul of the UI.

The designer's deliverable will be PSD files, as well as sliced PNG files that are ready for programmers to work with immediately. All PSD files and png files must have different versions that are compatible and meet the design specs for each Android screen type.

When bidding, please include a list of at least three apps that you have designed for. I will ask for references and I will contact your references. As such, do not list work that you can't provide references on. You will be disqualified immediately.

If we like your work, you can be rest assured we'll keep you very busy for the next few months.

Skills: graphics, design