Experienced Assistant Needed

Experienced Assistant Needed


Job Description

Professional Experienced Assistant – ability to understand, speak and write in English

• Ability to understand, speak and write in English
• Professionalism is a must!
• Attention to detail
• Produce Quality results
• SEO and ability to establish top page links and results
• Experience with the Internet and ability to research effectively and efficiently
• Knowledge with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Photoshop or ability to create graphics
• Marketing knowledge and experience is a PLUS
• Familiar with Social Media and Networking Knowledge
• Good communication skills
• Ability to Multi-task
• Multi-lingual a huge PLUS
• Familiar with Editing and Creating YouTube video and Vimeo
• Possibly Blog Creation
Specific Tasks Required:
1. Hootsuite Setup and Linking – needs updating
2. CloudIX setup
3. Better Networker.com – Need updates
4. Facebook Page Creation
5. Facebook Management and Organization of Networking Groups
6. Craiglist postings to ALL countries on a weekly basis
7. Backpage postings to ALL countries on a weekly basis
8. Live Journal > setup, creation and networking to ALL countries
9. Linking of all Social Media Accounts
10. Setup and/or maintenance of the following:
a. Facebook Maintenance and Organization
b. Twitter Networking and Linking to other Social Media forums
c. LinkedIn (networking, page maintenance and Organization)
d. MySpace page creation
e. Google + Page Build and setting up Networking with other Networkers
f. Setting up of accounts and postings to Deviant Art, Pinterest
g. Tagged
h. Orkut
i. Café Mom
j. VK-VKontakte
k. Ning
l. Badoo
m. Xing
n. Hi5
o. Tencent.com
p. Ren Ren
q. Friendster
r. B Kohtakte
s. Kaxin ool
t. Flickr
u. Mixi
v. Stumble Upon
w. Branch Out
x. Klout
y. Stik.com
z. Digg
aa. How Sociable.com
bb. Nimble
cc. MailChimp
11. Research and report via Excel database creation on languages per country
12. Research on Obesity Rates 2012 in ALL countries
13. Potential Blogging and/or translating one blog to every language
14. Research on Health related issues
15. Assistance with Marketing and Advertising
16. Creation, compilation of YouTube Video’s

Skills: english, research, graphics, marketing, youtube, video, facebook, management, twitter, linkedin, myspace, pinterest