Experienced Fluent English Speaking Customer Service Assistant Needed

Experienced Fluent English Speaking Customer Service Assistant Needed


Job Description

I'm looking to hire an assistant with experienced customer service skills that has expertise making cold calls, answering phone calls and prospecting. The job requires that you screen customers and prospects for me in order to gather preliminary information for an interview with me on the phone.

It would require following a script but customizing it to suite your personality. The info collected would be things like desired income, hours willing to work, time frame for accomplishing goals, etc.

These would be set hours during the day (Pacific Standard Time) and require that you provide me a detailed summary of notes on each prospect who I would then call and speak with for 20 minutes.

I would also require other administrative tasks such as creating and designing calling scripts, taking notes, etc. outside of making phone calls which would take up about 10% of your overall job duties.

I'm looking for a long term assistant with options for pay increases and bonuses.

If you are interested please bid. I will be conducting skype interviews and practice calls to test your ability.

Skills: test, english, script-writing, online-assistant, virtual-assistant-skills, google-calendar

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