Experienced Higher Education Specialist, Grant Researcher/Writer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Seeking Higher Education Specialist with experience in fundraising and development, including, but not limited to grant writing, scholarship research and application. Actively positioning and marketing multiple higher education students for grants and scholarship opportunities. Financial aid management, and strategic planning. Research and identify gift, grant and scholarship opportunities, create proposals for multiple degree candidates with goals identified below. Must research and identify grant and scholarship opportunities, advise on the completion of applications including interpretation of grant and or scholarship maker’s requirements and application deadlines. Preparation of grant proposal drafts, preparation of drafts to respond to any inquiries from grant/scholarship makers, submission of all drafts for review and approval. Strict adherence to legal compliance and fulfillment deadlines, drafts must be completed and submitted well in advance of scheduled deadlines.
Additionally, the position responsibilities will require developing a road map for each degree candidate to design and achieve the degrees sought.
Details for the students for which this work will be performed are as follows:
Local State University:
1.) Adult Student – Individualized Studies with Engineering & Survey Management Focus (disaster management & catastrophic claims administration, real estate/right of way, civil engineering management –not actually engineering, per se, will be explained in greater detail, lands surveyor management, power, water, gas, pipeline, telecommunications infrastructure management, i.e. pair gain, fiber optics, copper cable design, right of way acquisition and development, etc.) computer forensics and programming. Pre-Law – Part of Degree award based upon experience.
2.) Adult Student No. 2 – Individualized Studies – English/Korean Translation, horticulture/agriculture.
3.) Student No. 3 – Individualized Studies (currently working on Associates Degree – Culinary) – English/Korean Translation, English Teaching, Event Coordination & Negotiations Specialist
4.) Student No. 4. – B.S. in Operations Management Degree Candidate, may switch to Individualized Studies (Currently completing degree in Graphics Design with Web Emphasis) English/Korean Translation, English Teaching, Animation.