Experienced PHP Programmers Wanted for Full Time Position


Job Description

Needing Experienced PHP Programmers for full time position.

Our Project Manager Uses Agile with Scrum Methodology which requires constant Collaboration with the Coders. This job requires the coder to be polite and spend 3 minutes in morning saying hello to group members and stating what they will be working on, and 7 minutes every evening providing a daily progress report and answering questions to the client and/or project manager.

This position needs only:

Independent Contractors Coders/Programmers Only, no agencies or Developers please.

This is Full Time position so you need to offer your lowest hourly rate as high rates will not get interviewed.

Experienced PHP Coders that have experience coding back ends / control panels as well.

Full Time Position must be able to work minimum of 40 hours per week.

Should be from Philippines or India as this is where Project Manager and members are based.

Skills: agile