Experienced PHP developer

Experienced PHP developer


Job Description

I am looking for an experienced PHP developer who is capable of achieving the following tasks and requirements:

- OS: windows (i.e. win server 2008)
- DB: MS SQL (i.e. 2005)
- programming language: PHP
- simple custom logger for website-actions (i.e. log a visit with one line in the log)
- whole site on https
- one/same layout for desktop-chrome, dt-ie, iphone and android (I know it won't look best everywhere, but want to keep it minimal for the time being)
- visitor enters email, pw and gotcha, we confirm with an emailed link + some text
- visitor can initiate pw-reset, we confirm with an email with link
- we can block an existing user-account with according message with instructions

Availability for Skype/Teamviewer sessions:
- between 18:00-23:59 CET

Language: any of English, German, Russian.

PS: Please start your reply with mentioning the UK's capital, so I know your application is not a spam one.