Experienced PR with consumer product background

Experienced PR with consumer product background


Job Description

We are looking for a freelance PR professional with a current rolodex and at least 5 years of experience working in PR and promoting consumer/toy products. Our website has a cool and innovative service that allows parents to engage with a certain type of toys. We are looking for someone with established relationships with reporters that covers stories on toys, parents, motherhood, kids, games etc. and can generate published articles that will help build our brand.

We are NOT looking to hire a PR agency that will charge a retainer or an hourly rate. We are looking to pay a PR professional that can deliver results. I.e. once you placed an article you will get paid the pre-determined $ amount that we’ll negotiate. We have worked with such structure many times in the past and it was very successful as, more often, it is more lucrative for the PR agent than the capped retainer.

If you are not confident in your relationships and your capability to get articles published in the short to mid-term, DO NOT APPLY.

If you are confident in your capabilities and relationships, please let us know what is your experience in promoting toys/consumer products and we will schedule a time to discuss the specific project.

I look forward to hearing from you, Ami

Skills: games, journalism

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