Experienced Teachers - Online (ALL Professional and School Subjects)

Experienced Teachers - Online (ALL Professional and School Subjects)


Job Description

We require teachers to lecture online from home; the online lectures would require real-time presentation of slides, freehand drawing/writing on a whiteboard, text chat and speaking in front of the web camera. The lectures are interactive; hence the lecturer will chat, speak and write on the computer screen to communicate with the students. We require topics from professional and school curriculum, these proposals should be brief and concise providing the following highlights of the proposed subject/topic for lectures.

1. Scope
2. Depth
3. Target Audience
4. Lecturer's knowledge of the Subject/Topic
5. Need for live interaction. The five points will be used to evaluate the proposals.

The selections will lean towards proposals that are not commonplace and easily accessible. It should spur keen interest and interactive participation. There is no limit on the number of proposals. The rate is $10 per hour for 2 hours per week. Approval to schedule classes will be given when the proposal is accepted and payments would be made as soon as the class is delivered as agreed.