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Job Description

y2m is a youth marketing agency in Dubai. Our mission is to help businesses achieve explosive growth. The youth ( 16-25) is a pretty damn effective way of doing that. The world is getting younger and younger and we focuse on them. We want you to create, and spread the word.

Create awesome educational content like blog posts, eguides, articles & case studies. T

Initially it is a part time role where we pay you for each piece of content. We’d like the role to evolve over time into a more permanent relationship, where you are an integral part of our 15 persons team.

You can work from Mars if you like, as long as Mars has reliable broadband connection, and we can voice Skype (lots!) during Australian business hours.

We will plan a content strategy together. Some content you will research on your own, and for other content you will interview our CEO on Skype, we’ll get it transcribed, then you will work your magic.

Your pay will be market related. We have not recruited for this before. Tell us your expectations in the message

1. You are a natural and passionate writer with a high degree of accuracy, who writes in the style of Virgin, not IBM. Engaging, succinct, and a little cheeky is good.
2. You love online marketing (and appreciate how critical it is to a company’s growth) and perhaps even know something about pay per click advertising (our core service)
3. You enjoy learning & have ninja Google research skills to help solve problems on your own
4. Reliable broadband for regular Skype chats (in Australian business hours)
5. SEO copywriting knowledge and at least basic Wordpress skills
6. You have at least 5 different examples of your web writing to share
7. Content marketing interests you, and you want to develop these skills
8. You are currently active on Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn etc

How to apply

1. Please reply to that post
2. Applicants will be assessed and a short list will be selected.
3. Unsuccessful candidates and shortlist candidates will be notified by email.
4. Shortlisted candidates will be requested to write 2 sample blog posts (which we will pay you for).
5. Finalists are then selected, and individual Skype voice interviews will be conducted.
6. Final candidate is selected and everyone is notified.
7. Content production commences.
8. The world marvels at all our new beautiful content floating around the interwebs.

Skills: marketing, research, twitter, linkedin

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