Expert Node.JS Developer with centOS experience

Expert Node.JS Developer with centOS experience


Job Description

We are in need of an expert Node.JS Developer with centOS to help us resolve the issue we are experiencing in our server.

Here's the situation....

We were moving Node.JS to another server. Our old installation was 1 year old.

We used a manually compiled version of node-v0.8.6.tar.gz and installed these modules: crypto forever gearman mysql node-gearman request sleep url

On the new server, we installed node.JS using yum install npm then we used npm to install a non global installation of all modules.

Once we fired node to test, we ran in to these issues:
1) The socket "connect" event no longer fires: Our code looks like this and it works on the old server:

var server = net.createServer(function( c )
// Socket connection opened
c.on('connect', function()

The socket on "data" event does still work.

2) If we comment out the on "connect" and move the code out to the create server(function( c )), then the system seems to work… But we have a new error

Socket error:
Error: write after end

This error appears only if we try to write to a socket. It almost seems the sockets are not writable or they drop too fast.

NOTE: All systems run on centOS

Once these issues are resolved, this person needs to do do the reconfiguration later on for another contract.

1. You must be an Node.JS Developer (someone with extensive experience like installs and tweaks node many times is most preferred)
2. Experience with centOS
3. Should be able to solve these two issues in less than a day

1. In your cover letter, provide a brief explanation based on how you understood the issues described
2. Include reference of your previous work experience similar to this job.

Thank you and good luck!

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