Explicit SUPERNATURAL erotica writers wanted (Adult Content)


Job Description

Job Description

I am looking for someone to write 1 erotic short story. The story should tell an interesting story with a real plot, not just one sex scene after another. Your bid should be for a single erotic short story at least 5,000 words or more.

The theme of the story must be SUPERNATURAL - i.e, Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts etc..

To apply please send a short cover letter outlining your experience, as well as a sample erotic short story you have previously written.

You will also need to include a great title and a short summary/description pique the readers.

The story must be well written, paced and, above all, hot. As well as the stories, we will require a short summary (approx. 4-5 lines) to encourage readers to read the story.

The writing must be good with excellent spelling, syntax and grammar. It should be easy to read for people of different reading levels. If the story is filled with grammatical errors, you will be asked to fix them within 32 hours.

The target audiences are women aged 21 to 35.

I want something that stands out.

I am mainly looking for North American, European or Australian writers but you must use US English as that is where the bulk of my customers come from.

Please Note:
* No underage characters.
* No incest.
* No rape, dubious consent, or non-consensual sex.
* No injurious insertions.
* No excretory functions.
* No necrophilia.
* No stories that degrade or vilify any group based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

If you're interested and can comply with the above, please send a sample of your erotic writing and your concept for the story.

The story must be 100% original and unpublished. It will be checked and you will not
be paid for plagiarized material. By applying for this job you agree that this is a work for hire situation. I will own full and exclusive rights to the story and can use the material in any way I like without your name appearing anywhere. You may not republish or distribute it, not even for free, use it as a sample or in a portfolio whether in print or digital form.

Skills: writing, english, writing