Expression Engine Dev

Expression Engine Dev


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced EE developer with strong references and qualifications, perfect english (or french) and good self-management skills.

We are a web agency, we handle most web production in our office, except for some software/CMS which we don't really know.

We were asked to add a blog module and another small and simple function to an ExpressionEngine website.

We will qualify three partners for this and will send you a technical brief. We will then select our prefered partner.

You would, then, become our prefered ExpressionEngine provider should any EE related job come our way.

Please, DO NOT contact us by phone. DO NOT apply if you can't provide good referals and have less than 10 accomplished EE projects to date.

And mention "nayan cat" in your job application so we can see that you have read this :P

Skills: english