Ext.JS integration and JavaScript Library

Ext.JS integration and JavaScript Library


Job Description

Hi everyone,

We would like to use ext.js library with a custom theme. So we dont need custom ext.js theme. That means we want to use our theme which is prepared by using ext.js controls.
Our theme: ( http://www.display-inline.fr/demo/developr/ )

According to our requirements, following task are required for us.

1- Customizing all of ext.js ui controls(tree, grid etc) with our custom theme.
2- Preperation of JS library for the our theme which is based on ext.js ui controls.
3- Theme should be supported jQuery and ext JS JQuery adapter

Please find the details and important remarks below

Folder and file name structure

- Root
- Asset
- Assets / script
- Assets / style
- Assets / component
- Assets / component / extjs
- Assets / component / extjs / custom
- Assets / component / extjs / core

Core ext.js library shoulld be stored in core folder in (Assets / component / extjs) and the custom JS codes/files (if required) should be stored on custom folder in (Assets / component / extjs).
Core ext.js library will not be edited for the customizations.


Mentioned JS library should be supported ext.js UI controls' properties and features. All of ext.js UI controls should be encapsulated with custom JS library methods, please find an example below.

var Project = {

UI : {

Controls: {

function Tree (parameters) {
var tree = Ext.create('Ext.tree.Panel', parameters)
return tree;







Send your portfolio, timeline and your rate ($/hr).
Please feel to free to contact with me if you have any question and comments.