ExtJS/Ajax/UI Developer


Job Description

Looking for a skilled ExtJS/Ajax developer who can take user specifications and create/extend web applications that work with RESTful web-services that return JSON data.

The company application runs on an ExtJS interface. ExtJS handles the entire GUI rendering and utilizes JSON via Ajax calls to RESTful web-services in order to gather JSON data.

• Work closely with department manager and team to achieve maximum productivity.
• Create innovative solutions to rotate grids (turn rows into columns).
• Customize the ExtJS controls to add functionality to the widgets used within the tool and to interface with charting interfaces (e.g. HighCharts).
• Develop successful user interfaces that are standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible, and performance optimized.
• Create and maintain documentation of common and reusable code.
• Act as a support resource for back end developers.
• Work with development leads to ensure consistent and correct integration.
• Create web user interface solutions that meet business objectives.
• Conduct research and make recommendations on tools, technologies, and standards for user interface development and design.
• Prioritize workload to meet deadline for tasks assigned via CRM.
• Participate in occasional after-hours software installations.
• Use Tahometer© employee monitoring service; access provided upon hire
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
• 2-5 years experience in ExtJS/Ajax/UI/web-service development.
• Willingness to work with a global team in a demanding and rapidly changing environment.
• Be able to create complex SQL queries to gather information from MySQL database and render them on a web application.
• RESTful web-services development.
• Strong development capability with client-side, object oriented JavaScript and a passion for UI.
• Strong knowledge of client side JavaScript library: ExtJS.
• Ability to debug and fix issues across different browsers.
• Must be highly organized.
• Must be able to work in a fast paced environment with rapid prototyping abilities.
• Must be able to self-manage and work on multiple projects simultaneously.
• Excellent communication and interaction skills.
• Ability to understand, speak, and write in English proficiently.
• Must be available to work at least 8 hours Monday through Friday. This position requires a flex schedule to interact with U.S. resources.
• Skills required: ExtJS, Ajax, Rendering, MVC, MySQL, and SQL

Skills: rendering, mvc, prototyping, json, web-services, research