External HDMI Audio Video Overlay Device and Software Linux


Job Description

The job involves the development of a linux software to control an off-the-shelf device for a proprietary application. The device is NeTV Open Source Hardware (http://adafruit.com/products/609). The device is connected inline any HDMI video source (video game system, DVD, Blu Ray, Satellite, Cable, etc...) and HDMI TV. You will be designing software to run on this device to interface with our concurrent software Android development

The Android Software will be sending a modulation output signal based on EEG Neurofeedback. There will be a % modulation which controls the brightness and % modulation which controls volume. When the % is low, the video/audio will fade away making it difficult to see/hear), when % is high, video/audio will return to normal. The live % control and averages may also be displayed on the TV HDMI video using the overlay. Wired or wireless connection to Android device TBD. Communication details TBD.

Project Tasks

1. Develop software for embedded hardware system (NeTV) for dimming of HDMI A/V signal
2. Design communication protocol to receive data from proprietary Android software

Skills: video, linux, wireless, design, android-development