Extract recipe information from an XML feed

Extract recipe information from an XML feed


Job Description

I have approx 250 recipes which I need specific fields extracted from and populated into an xml.

Finalised extraction needed by 1pm Sunday 25th November (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Each recipe may be formatted slightly differently and will require the operator to read and interpret the information.

Required data fields to be extracted are as follows:
Byline, Headline, Course, Cuisine, Intro, Ingredients, Method, Metric, Quantity, Photo, Caption, Matching Wine.

Please refer to attached for:
1. Example of the files required to extract from
2. Example of the files marked up with the required fields
3. Example of xml showing the extracted fields.

Please note:
- The original feed may be in capitals, the operator should fix the case used
- There may be instances where a chef provides the method and ingredients by component (e.g. an Intalian Apple Flan broken into the flan, the cream and the orange marmalade). Where this occurs please do not include these recipes in the xml.