Extremely Organized And Goal-Oriented Project Manager Needed For Internet Marketing Company


Job Description

Are you interested in Internet Marketing? I need a project manager for my internet marketing company..

We have a ton of projects going on that need management and I want to throw them at you and have you take them to completion.

Are you EXTREMELY ORGANIZED? (Everyone thinks they are organized. You are going to need to be a special kind of person in order to handle this job..organization needs to be one of your special strenghts)

Are you GOAL ORIENTED? (I need you to be the kind of person who solves problems on your own and figures out how to get projects completed, even when there are obstacles on the way)

If this job sounds interesting to you, then you are going to have a lot of fun learning about internet marketing and making things happen.

Please do not send a pre-defined reply. If your reply is not written specifically for this job, I will not even consider your application.

In your reply, please answer the following questions:

- Why are you excited about Internet Marketing?

- Why should I believe that you are more organized than anyone else?

- Why should I believe that you are more goal oriented than anyone else, and that you get projects done even in the face of obstacles more than anyone else?

- What is the largest team you have ever managed, and the largest project you have ever managed?

- What does it take to be a successful project manager?